Egypt is regarded as one of the largest fruits Exporting countries in the world. 

From this point, We are offering fruits & vegetables grading machines that will help exporting stations in increasing productivity, accuracy, profits and reducing cost. 

our technologies could be applied to







sweet potato


If your product is not one of those products, you can contact us to tailor one to fit your product either you produce small ranges or mass production.

Our Product Categories

Basic version

  • Weight
  • Size

Electronics Version

All features on basic machine plus
  • color
  • volume
  • The sugar content (BRIX index)
  • diameter
  • density
  • shape

Advanced version

All features on Electronics machine plus
  • surface imperfection
  • zones of mold
  • navel
  • stalk
  • scratches detection
  • blemish control
  • damage characteristics
  • dry matter/substance
  • firmness
  • texture defects
  • ripeness
  • lack of bruising


We think that after selling phase is more important than the selling process. 

 Building long term relationships with our customers is the main part of Fruitful Solutions Vision

  • Training

    We can give your employees the know-how of using our machines to guarantee you get the completed sorting process benefits.

  • Maintenance

    We will give you free maintenance rounds for the first year to ensure your machine still enjoys all installations, up to date and in a good condition.

  • Support

    -You will be a member of our great network in order to share experiences.
    - one thing that we are caring about most is the speed of responding, so we open our doors twenty-four hours seven days a week to help ongoing your work process.

  • Customization

    We help you to customize the machine according to your needs and your products.

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